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Hydrogen vehicle Bright (2008)

Carried out within the Hydrogen Airport project led by Air Liquide Canada, Natural Resources Canada and Québec’s Agence de l’efficacité énergétique (AEE) as well as 14 other companies.

The objective of the project is to test several hydrogen technologies to reduce the environmental impact of airports by using clean fuel.

The multidisciplinary student team’s mandate is to develop an airport patrol vehicle. The vehicle must simplify the patrol officers’ work by being tailored to their needs and it must also eliminate polluting emissions by using hydrogen as fuel.

The team adapted a French electric vehicle (Microcar imported by Zenn) to contain the pressurized hydrogen tank and the fuel cell required to produce the electricity that will supply the energy to power the vehicle.

The hydrogen-powered vehicle safety standards were studied and applied to ensure the vehicle was used safely on airport property.


   01/09/2008 — 15/08/2009


  • Air Liquide du Canada, customer
  • Patrick Beaudoin, project lead Team 1
  • Étienne Bérubé, design
  • Daniel Racine, design
  • Team 1
  • Ayman Baalbaki, mechanical eng.
  • François Bastien, mechanical eng.
  • Olivier Dubé, mechanical eng.
  • Alexis Lafrance-Boucher, mechanical eng.
  • Vincent Marquis-Germain, mechanical eng.
  • Frédérick Mathieu, mechanical eng.
  • Fadi Nasralla, mechanical eng.
  • Julian Choquette, mechanical eng.
  • Thierry Ha, mechanical eng.
  • Vincent Shebib-Loiselle, mechanical eng.
  • Team 2
  • Francis Goyer, project lead Team 2
  • Abdelkader-Cherif Benrekia, mechanical eng.
  • Frédéric Girard, mechanical eng.
  • Aracelli Élizabeth Honda Palacios, mechanical eng.
  • Othman Mehaji, mechanical eng.
  • Claudia-Gabrielle Perez-Levesque , mechanical eng.
  • Julien Prévost-Barrette, mechanical eng.
  • Abdelali Raouhani, mechanical eng.
  • Julien Salvat, mechanical eng.
  • Karim Toutinji, mechanical eng.
  • Yan Vermette, mechanical eng.
  • Thierry-Colin Wright, mechanical eng.
  • Aurelian Vadean, course responsible
  • Daniel Spooner, engineer in residence
  • Pierre De Coninck, design responsible


An initiative of MATI Montreal