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Hydrogen vehicle Bright (2009)

Following up on the hydrogen vehicle Bright (2008-2009) project, the specific mandate of this project is to integrate a hydrogen fuel cell system in an existing electric vehicle (Microcar) while respecting the safety standards in place and preparing the maintenance protocols of the modified vehicle.

An autonomous energy module concept was used to integrate the fuel cell in the vehicle. In that form, the energy module can quickly be adapted to other types of vehicles.

The team developed and tested the structural elements required to support the energy module. Finite element analysis and an experimental benchmark validation were carried out. All the high-pressure and electrical connecting elements were defined and documented. A functional prototype of the electronic management system of the energy module and its user interface was built and demonstrated to the customer.

The project meets the cost and weight objectives outlined in the project definition, thus making the integration viable.







   01/09/2009 — 15/04/2010


  • Air Liquide, customer
  • Can-Am Modev, customer
  • Jean-Xavier Denis, project lead
  • Elie Agha, mechanical eng.
  • Rana Al Rishan, mechanical eng.
  • Jean-Bernard Demers, mechanical eng.
  • Simon Dulong, mechanical eng.
  • Philippe Dulong, mechanical eng.
  • Marie-Ève Legault, mechanical eng.
  • Juliane Meunier, mechanical eng.
  • Davide Rinaldi, mechanical eng.
  • Alain Saint-Gelais Lemaire, mechanical eng.
  • The-Nguyen Thang-Le, mechanical eng.
  • Mohamed Djalil Belhachemi, electrical eng.
  • Louis-Martin Brosseau, electrical eng.
  • Pierre-Luc Gélineau, electrical eng.
  • Assane Gueye, electrical eng.
  • Mayi Kato, electrical eng.
  • Justin Laniel, génie électrique
  • Abdoulaye Saidou Bakari, electrical eng.
  • Kanfidini Abdel Thiombiano, electrical eng.
  • Sébastien Tremblay, electrical eng.
  • Noemie Boumendil, HEC business
  • Patricl Rivard, HEC business
  • Aurelian Vadean, Course responsible
  • Daniel Spooner, engineer in residence
  • André Tchokogué, responsible HEC


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