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Urban Transport, TDF Project

This project is the result of an intensive 8 month collaboration between Bombardier Transport North America and 18 students from École Polytechnique de Montréal (engineering), the University of Montreal industrial design school and HEC Montréal (business).

The TDF Project defined two important objectives: provide a better user experience to commuter train passengers and increase energy efficiency.

During the project, students completed many tasks. Among these; define and analyse user needs and stakeholders, propose new solutions, demonstrate concept robustness and validate with testing on a full scale mock-up of specific components if the initial objectives were reached. They developped their management abilities in a large product development team environment.

New interior layouts and passenger experiences were presented to Bombardier Transport in an design staff meeting at their offices. Some elements were selected for further evaluation and development by Bombardier Transport internal product design teams.


   01/09/2012 — 30/04/2013


  • Bombardier Transport, Client
  • Ian-Anthony Zouari, project lead
  • Nicolas Aubé, design
  • William Cummins, design
  • Véronique Godbout, design
  • Marc Awad, Poly mechanical
  • Julien Béland, Poly mechanical
  • Cédrick Boulais Richard, Poly mechanical
  • Vincent Boulé, Poly mechanical
  • Guillaume Couturier, Poly mechanical
  • Marc-Antoine Despa, Poly mechanical
  • Jean-Nicolas Gauthier, Poly mechanical
  • Aboul Wassi Badirou, Poly electrical
  • Edgar Paulo Chahuillo Rincon, Poly electrical
  • Jovany Dorsainvil, Poly electrical
  • Jean Baptiste Garreau, Poly electrical
  • Ziad Bchouti, HEC
  • Camille-Charlotte Gilbert-Lapointe, HEC
  • Simon Grandjacques, HEC
  • Aurelian Vadean, Engineering supervisor
  • Daniel Spooner, Engineer in residence
  • Julie Paquette, Business supervisor
  • Philippe Lalande, Design supervisor


An initiative of MATI Montreal