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UbiCiT electric monorail, UB1

Awarded prizes by the:
Association des designers industriels du Québec [Québec association of industrial designers]
Aluminum Research and Development Centre of Quebec

Following eight months of work, 20 students from three universities implemented a solution for a suspended monorail over a distance of 15 km and linking the Bonaventure station (located in Montréal) and the Chevrier station (located on Montréal’s South Shore).

The objective of the project is to meet the needs of public transportation users in Montréal. The monorail will transport approximately 70,000 passengers per day during the week. The propulsion system is based on the use of motor-wheels and the SAFEGE system commonly used by suspended monorails throughout the world.

During the project, the students were required to carry out several tasks, including the project’s financial and commercial feasibility, which was completed primarily by HEC Montréal students.

In the coming months, the work will focus more on public demand and interest, a more detailed economic analysis and thorough product production and marketing planning.


   01/09/2011 — 18/04/2012


  • Anthony Rode, project lead
  • Frédéric Laurin-Lalonde, design
  • Maxime Couturier, design
  • Hans Bélair, mechanical eng.
  • Matthieu Bister, mechanical eng.
  • Philippe Blais, mechanical eng.
  • Élie Boulanger, mechanical eng.
  • Denis Latulippe, mechanical eng.
  • Jolaine Méthot, mechanical eng.
  • Michael Monney, mechanical eng.
  • Bertrand Nembot, mechanical eng.
  • Matteo Raviglione, mechanical eng.
  • Awad Fayez, mechanical eng.
  • Laurent Levasseur, electrical eng.
  • Kristina Golovanova, electrical eng.
  • Mamadou Saidou Camara, electrical eng.
  • Ali Haydar, electrical eng.
  • Caroline Pawliw, HEC business
  • Mickael Dominitz, HEC business
  • Olivier Charbonneau, HEC business
  • Aurelian Vadean, Course responsible
  • Daniel Spooner, engineer in residence
  • Julie Paquette, responsible HEC
  • Philippe Lalande, responsible design


An initiative of MATI Montreal