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UbiCiT electric monorail, UB2

Awarded prizes by the:
Association des designers industriels du Québec [Québec association of industrial designers]
Aluminum Research and Development Centre of Quebec

Following eight months of work, 18 students from three universities successfully tested the feasibility of an electric public transit monorail system. The mandate, proposed by Trens-Québec, was designed to reduce traffic and promote cost-effective transportation to Eastern Canada.

The project was led by graduating students at Polytechnique Montréal, HEC Montréal and the Université de Montréal’s School of Industrial Design between 2011 and 2012. The objective: to implement a high-speed, energy-efficient intercity monorail. The benefits of this type of project include promoting the development of the Québec economy.

In addition to the main mandate, the students were required to consider the safety concerns related to this method of transportation, its advantages, user-friendliness, and integration in urban and rural environments. Within a context of sustainable development, the project will allow for technical and technological options and promote public transit.


   01/09/2011 — 18/04/2012


  • David Fauteux, project lead
  • Éric Perrault, design
  • Maxime Couturier, design
  • Christian Chauvin, mechanical eng.
  • David Dutremble, mechanical eng.
  • Joey Genest, mechanical eng.
  • Marc Kalash, mechanical eng.
  • Ngui-Mekem Kenfack Tonzé, mechanical eng.
  • Paul Lamarche, mechanical eng.
  • Frédéric Sénécal, mechanical eng.
  • Dominic Thibault, mechanical eng.
  • Nicolas Vachon, mechanical eng.
  • Jonathan Eyoum-Deïdo, electrical eng.
  • Salah-Eddine Tahori, electrical eng.
  • Serge Martin, electrical eng.
  • Caroline Pawliw, HEC business
  • Mickael Dominitz, HEC business
  • Olivier Charbonneau, HEC business
  • Aurelian Vadean, Course responsible
  • Daniel Spooner, engineer in residence
  • Julie Paquette, responsible HEC
  • Philippe Lalande, responsible design


An initiative of MATI Montreal