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Midibus project

In collaboration with city bus manufacturer Nova Bus, this project involves developing a small bus (midibus) to reduce the environmental impact on less busy routes. The objective is not only to meet the various expectations outlined by Nova Bus, but also to provide a new and innovative perspective regarding the products and the current public transit context.

The product was developed by maximizing the design and integrating new engineering technologies in order to reach the objectives of exceeding current standards. Based on the proposed modular design, two midibuses can be built using the same basic design elements.

The midibus has 22 seats and 2 spaces for a wheelchair. Due to the extensive use of aluminium, the vehicle weighs 25% less than comparable products. The manufacturing cost and performance constraints were met.

The project provided 22 students with the experience of addressing real product development difficulties, participating in an industrial partnership with Nova Bus and dealing with the realities of the engineering and industrial design professions.


   01/09/2008 — 15/04/2009


  • Nova Bus, Customer
  • Philip Desrochers, project lead
  • Hamid Ait Messaoud, mechanical eng.
  • Yannick Bois, mechanical eng.
  • Fanny Boursier-Barbeau, mechanical eng.
  • Pascal Caron, mechanical eng.
  • Nadim Choucair, mechanical eng.
  • Érik Dutremble, mechanical eng.
  • Adouniss Elyaqoti, mechanical eng.
  • Jonathan Fay-Carlos, mechanical eng.
  • Jocelyn Gingras, mechanical eng.
  • Micher Girardin, mechanical eng.
  • Charles Grégoire, mechanical eng.
  • Simon Lajeunesse-Ménard, mechanical eng.
  • Mathieu Lamy, mechanical eng.
  • Alexandre Martin, mechanical eng.
  • Érick Poulin, mechanical eng.
  • Laurent Turcot-Lamarre, mechanical eng.
  • Maude Blanchard, design
  • Stéphane Carrier, design
  • Catherine Lagacé, design
  • Cléo Poirier-Muszynski, design
  • Paul Ta, design
  • Aurelian Vadean, Course reponsible
  • Daniel Spooner, engineer in residence
  • François Ranger, external design tutor
  • Pierre De Coninck, design responsible


An initiative of MATI Montreal