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MATI Montréal

Mati Montréal, a partnership between the Université de Montréal, Polytechnique Montréal and HEC Montréal, has a mission involving research, development and transfer in the field of educational and training technologies.

One of its orientations is collaborative design and, in 2011, MATI Montréal launched a collaborative design project to:

  • Bring together research professors and other professionals and specialists in the field;
  • Provide them with a location and resources to lead unique and innovative projects;
  • Promote their work;
  • Promote and share their results within an academic context and among corporations.

Creating the Collaborons work group is part of this mission.



   20/05/2011 —


  • Jean-Guy Blais
  • Yves Boudreault
  • Ricardo Camarero
  • France Caron
  • Guy M. Cloutier
  • Daniel Daigle
  • Robert David
  • Michel Desmarais
  • Tomás Dorta
  • Aude Dufresne
  • Claire Durand
  • Michel Gagnon
  • Olivier Gerbé
  • Manon Guité
  • Marc Laforest
  • Gonzalo Lizarralde
  • Nathalie Loye
  • Pierre Nonnon
  • Samuel Pierre
  • Jacques Raynauld
  • Jean-Marc Robert
  • Pierre N. Robillard
  • Jesús Vázquez-Abad
  • Jacques Viens


An initiative of MATI Montreal