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Lito Sora, 100% electric motorcycle

This multidisciplinary project carried out by graduating students in industrial design, engineering and business—a team of 17 students worked together for eight months, completing approximately 6000 hours of work—demonstrated the commercial feasibility of this product and proposed target markets. With those markets in mind, an initial vehicle proposal was developed in the form of a 3D virtual model using Catia software.

Lito Green Motion then used this preliminary work to initiate a professional design process with their internal engineers and experienced industrial designers at The Creative Unit Inc. to develop the commercial version of the product currently on the market.


   01/09/2009 — 15/04/2010


  • Jean-Pierre Legris, Customer
  • Guillaume Carle, project lead
  • Philippe Jaillet-Gosselin, designer
  • Stéphane Rabel, designer
  • Dave Demers, mechanical eng.
  • Jean-Philippe Dextraze, mechanical eng.
  • Jean-Marc Dubé, mechanical eng.
  • Étienne Lalonde Gaudreau, mechanical eng.
  • Jean Patrice Giordani, mechanical eng.
  • Éric Hammarrenger, mechanical eng.
  • David Marques, mechanical eng.
  • Marc Ouellet, mechanical eng.
  • Joaquim Ruiz De Porras, mechanical eng.
  • Clément Achache, HEC business
  • Lucie Corbière, HEC business
  • Charles Feutray, HEC business
  • Baptiste Geoffroy, HEC business
  • Clémentine Jouard, HEC business
  • Aurelian Vadean, Course responsible
  • Daniel Spooner, engineer in residence
  • Final design for commercial production:
  • Martin Aubé, President The Creative Unit Inc. designer
  • Francis Bernier, designer Creative Unit Inc.
  • Ghyslain Roy, Modelmaker Creative Unit Inc.
  • LITO Green Motion engineering team


An initiative of MATI Montreal