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Gazelle project, team Red

The cart developed during this project is a vehicle using only renewable energies. The cart can move using animal power and its roof includes many solar panels to gather energy. Its primary function is to pump water from the soil using solar energy to support agriculture in Senegal. Its second function is the distribution of electricity throughout the country. Finally, the last function is to allow the transport of goods and people.

One of the important criteria’s that influenced the size of the cart is the area of solar panels to be installed. To obtain an ideal area, a numerical simulation was performed to compare and evaluate many different usage scenarios. This simulation has concluded that the use of 4 flexible panels of high efficiency silicon single crystals would be optimal. Many electrical components were selected including a 5kWh battery, an inverter and a pump.

A comprehensive review of profitability for the customer and for future buyers has been done and demonstrates the feasibility of the project.


   04/09/2015 — 12/04/2016


  • Papa Maguette Cissé, Customer Essic
  • Marc-Antoine Carrier, project manager
  • Audrey Blouin-Rousseau, Poly mechanical
  • Pascal Boulos, Poly mechanical
  • Abdelmalek Choura, Poly mechanical
  • Prescilia Desroches, Poly mechanical
  • Cristophe Petitclerc, Poly mechanical
  • Pier-Alexandre Rehel, Poly mechanical
  • David Renaud, Poly mechanical
  • Raymond Sabbagh, Poly mechanical
  • Simon Dagenais. HEC Business
  • Youri Létourneau-Langlois, HEC Business
  • Nene-Fatima Ndiaye, HEC Business
  • Aurelian Vadean, professor engineering
  • Daniel Spooner, engineer in residence


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