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Pierre N. Robillard

Pierre Robillard, Eng., Ph.D., was the first Director (2001-2004) of the Department of Computer Engineering and is a professor in the same department at Polytechnique Montréal. His primary areas of expertise are the collaborative and cooperative aspects in software development teams, the cognitive aspects of software engineering, as well as software engineering processes and empirical studies.

During his career, he created the clinical software engineering project formula whereby companies submit their issues, which are in turn assigned to student teams. This type of project is now an integral part of the program.

He is currently working with multidisciplinary (psychology), international teams (INRIA in France and PROMPT in Italy) on the modeling of design team dynamics in software engineering.


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  • Professor, Department of Computer Engineering, Polytechnique Montréal



  • Cognitive aspects of software engineering
  • Software design methods and tools
  • Software engineering processes and empirical studies
  • Software quality assurance; simulation of complex biological processes


  • Modeling verbal interactions in development teams
  • Studying how information is shared within a team and its impact on product quality
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