Electronic Portfolio

Evaluation Portfolio

Use Karuta to implement an evaluation and assessment portfolio for your course, program, and/or institution. Karuta is ideally suited for students to upload artefacts to address learning outcomes and for faculty to rate student performance using customized rubrics.

Learning Portfolio

Karuta can capture almost any learning workflow between students, instructors, inside and outside evaluators, and/or peers. Use Karuta to enrich the learning experience of your students and provide a virtual record of their learning.

Showcase Portfolio

Karuta can assist students in customizing displays of their learning using responsive design to share with others for career development and the job search.

Competency Framework

Let ePortfolium assessment experts help your faculty develop learning outcomes or competencies to characterize the learning you want your students to master. ePortfolium experts can assist you in creating rubrics with descriptors to help faculty evaluate the level of learning in relation to each outcome or competency.

Open Source Software

ePortfolium works with open source software. No matter how you choose to work with ePortfolium, you are in control because the software is open source, and as part of the Karuta community, you own the code!

Development and Consulting

ePortfolium developers are ready to work with you to develop new coding for enhancements to your use of Karuta. If all goes well, your new code will be added to the next version of Karuta so that you and others can take advantage of it with each new version of the open source ePortfolio software.

Bringing together designers and developers of Karuta , the multistakeholder co-op ePortfolium offers services consulting and software solutions in the field of education and especially electronic portfolios.